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Alpine UK Webshop X-W12D4 - 12′′ (30 cm) Subwoofers (4Ω + 4Ω)
X-W12D4 - 12′′ (30 cm) Subwoofers (4Ω + 4Ω)

X-W12D4 - 12′′ (30 cm) Subwoofers (4Ω + 4Ω)

  • £37900


Alpine introduces the all-new X-Series of high-grade speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. These products have been engineered and tuned to create a perfect match for extraordinarily dynamic, realistic sound reproduction and a spatial sound impression. With Alpine X-Series subwoofers, you get the top of Alpine’s subwoofer technology for massive and accurate bass output. These flagship subs have been engineered and tuned with highest precision and use highest grade materials.

The New X-Series subwoofers were developed from a sound philosophy we call Alpine ID – a focus on highly accurate components built for superior imaging. A triple stacked magnet surrounds an extended voice coil, which allows a very long excursion resulting in huge air movement. A specialized CRC pole with integrated cooling fins and an aluminum shorting cap reduce the lag of coil’s alternating movement while also providing cooling within the motor. The cone structure is suspended by two spiders and our patented H.A.M.R. surround. The stability of the dual-spider along with the even unfolding of the multi-roll surround create incredibly linear cone travel, free of any unneeded movement that cause distortion.

Peak Power: 2700 Watts

RMS Power: 900 Watts

Frequency Response: 23 Hz - 200 Hz



Power Handling

  • Power Range: 650W-900W
  • RMS Power Handling: 900W
  • Peak Power Handling: 2700W


  • Mounting Depth: 7-1/4′′ (184mm)
  • Mounting Diameter: 11-1/16′′ (281mm)
  • Displacement: 0.122 cu. ft. (3.5 l - Front Mount)
  • Added Volume: 0.035 cu. ft. (1 l - Reverse Mount, Magnet Out)


  • Frequency Response: 23Hz-200Hz
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