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SWR-8D4 - 8′′ (20 cm) Subwoofers (4Ω + 4Ω)
SWR-8D4 - 8′′ (20 cm) Subwoofers (4Ω + 4Ω)

SWR-8D4 - 8′′ (20 cm) Subwoofers (4Ω + 4Ω)

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These redesigned, fifth-generation Type-R subwoofers include several enhanced features to achieve even cleaner, deeper bass extension, faster, more accurate transients and even greater output capability than before.

The new FEA-Optomized Motor Structure together with our revolutionary High-Amplitude Multi Roll (HAMR) Suspension Design gives the new Type-R Subwoofers the highest X-max and SPL output in the category.

With a real-world, measured 12 mm of X-max, allow the new 8” (20cm) Type-R Subwoofers to deliver the best-in-class bass output, ultra-low distortion, and unparalleled sound quality.

The oversized 38 mm voice coil allows for increased power handling of 350W RMS / 1000W Peak. To get the best performance, we recommend you pair Type-R subs with Alpine’s new PDX digital amplifiers.

Peak Power: 1000 Watts

RMS Power: 350 Watts

Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 200 Hz



Power Handling

  • RMS Power Handling: 350 Watts
  • Peak Power Handling: 1000 Watts


  • Mounting Depth: 115 mm
  • Mounting Diameter: 176 mm
  • Displacement: 1.4l
  • Added Volume: 1.0l


  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohm + 4 Ohm
  • Frequency Response: 30-200 Hz
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